Religion or humanity which one comes first?

  Dear mobsters, When it is time to speak the truth, I am just such a person who doesn’t back off for any reason. It is your turn to hear the truth you have turned a deaf ear to for years. Reaching out to you with tears rolling down my cheek as I write this open letter to you and your colleagues in such a criminal act. Maybe I need to quote from the scripture for you just so you can understand that humanity comes first before anything. I am not a religion preacher but at least when things go wrong in our society, we should all come out to correct the wrong. Something keep going around town and it is not right, you mob a thief and burn them alive because they are defenseless, you hypocritically pick on someone who can’t defend themselves for blasphemy for you believe in some talks that don’t even exist, albeit you are the leader of such blasphemous act. I will refer to the recent case of Debora since this is what we still all can recon with. Let me possibly remind you that even during t

Are you still blaming ASUU?

  Dear university students in UAR, By now, I believe the serious ones amongst you must be frustrated with the current situation. Probably no one has told you this 4 or 5-years course simply means 4+x or 5+x years . Nevertheless, I am here to fashion you with the truth no one might be willing to tell you. Let me first remind you that your case is not the first, we only pray that it becomes the last in UAR. Ask your brothers and sisters who were in schools in the senior striker universities in the country (LAUTECH, EKSU, or maybe OAU). The year 2013 was no beans as it lasted 6 months. If it is not ASUU then it will be NASU or SSANU. Let me just go straight to the point here, what have you been investing your time on during this break? Have you been sleeping at home? Have you turned social media into your home? Have you found solace in visiting the game house to watch football? If your response to all these questions is yes then you need to sit back and read this open later as it is

Africa's Educational System (A Nigerian's Case Study)

  I have always believed that the education system of Africa using my country as a case study is a similitude of a round peg in a square hole. The education system my generation was exposed to is that which tells the student what to think and not how to think. It was strictly built for students to write exams and not to reflect on the teachings and connect with real-life scenarios. We learned a lot in science, but the practicability of the knowledge gained from all those subjects remains obscured to students. We have great teachers, but they fail to build great students. Why do you think only 5 of 70 students in a class excel and could picture the classroom teaching in a real-life scenario? My finding so far is that those five had some other hidden forces aside from the classroom teachings behind them assisting their comprehension and giving them the right assess to what they want. As a high school teacher of Mathematics for up to five years in different high schools in Nigeria, I see

What is Collective Intelligence?

  Sometime in 2021, an honorable state governor and professor visited Mohammed VI Polytechnic University, (UM6P). Just like many people usually do, out of curiosity, he asked me, "What is Collective Intelligence?". As it may sometimes seem, this question does not present any questioner as ignorant. It may only mean that they are yet to be informed or perhaps, want to know even more!. Perhaps you have some ideas about what Collective Intelligence is, or you already have a bit of it in your business but you do not know how to upscale it. Maybe you are even one of many people who think about Artificial Intelligence (AI) whenever they hear someone mention Collective Intelligence (CI)? Whichever it is, we value peoples' curiosity and the enthusiasm to recognize the value of this emerging science. Although it may be in its crude form, there is no doubt that you are already applying CI in at least one of your business activities or decision-making. So, what is Collective Intelli